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Get Your Carpet Cleaned Today!

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Solution eliminates Spots, Stains and Heavy Traffic Areas.

When Is the Last Time You Had Your Carpets Cleaned?

We recommend that you have your carpet cleaned every 6 months for health reasons. Dirty carpet collects allergens, dust, dirt, soil, and stains which affects clean air circulation in commercial or residential environments.

Our carpet cleaning experts know how to clean carpets properly and beautifully. We use the a specially formulated solution to restore and renew your carpets back to their original state.

We pride ourselves on our carpet cleaning skills, on our professional teams, and our commitment to our customers. Many people are unaware of how much attention we pay to our work making us the best carpet cleaning company in the DMV area.

Contact us today for all of your carpet cleaning needs!

Use A Reliable Company For All Your Cleaning Needs

Capitol Steam and Clean is the # 1 cleaning and restoration company in the DMV area. We have more then 15 years of experience and we thrive on providing each client with quality cleaning, restoration, as well as great customer service.

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