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Don’t Waste Money on Treatments That Don’t Work!

Do You Have a Bed Bug Infestation?

Don’t waste your money on useless fog treatments, they do not kill ALL life cycles of bed bugs. The most effective eradication method of ALL life cycles is Bed Bug Heat Treatment.

Bed bug heat treatment works by drying out the bugs’ bodies. Temperatures above 118°F kill them quickly, heat treatments get every square inch of your home to the needed 118° temperature. That’s why you can’t just turn up your home thermostat and sweat it out for a while; it simply won’t get hot enough, and all the places bed bugs like to hide will stay much cooler than the open areas.

We are heat treatment pros and we use sensors to monitor temperatures in all the nooks and crannies. Once a deadly temperature is reached, we keep the heat on for an extended period of time which is designed to kill all bugs and eggs in the house. The heat doesn’t damage most household items, but you have to remove some things, like meltable plastics, oil paintings and pets.

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